Introduction to 2023 Shared Earth Series

Introduction to 2023 Shared Earth Series

Sharing is a key value and at Antler River Trading Co. it's really important we still know and can state the values of our ancestors… .

Our new series called Shared Earth is inspired by this important teaching. 

Over the next year we want to share imagery and art on clothing that sends a strong message to Walk softly on Mother Earth and pay attention to the relationships between animals (including humans) and our plant relatives and their immediate kin, the pollinators in the Great Lakes region. 


In our Creation stories, as Anishinaabe Ojibwe people, we are shown over and over again the ways in which the bees, birds, butterflies and all other creatures take care of one another and us. 

Antler River Trading Co. is  happy to be showcasing First Nation artists and their works that express these important relatives and our relationship to them.  

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